What Makes a Great Moment at Work?

We asked, you answered. Appreciation is at the top of the list when it comes to great moments at work.

As a leader in office drink solutions, we set out to find what makes the office tick. We surveyed over 3,800 workers in 6 countries to gain insight into collaboration, engagement, wellbeing, and productivity in the workplace.

Appreciation Please

“Feeling appreciated for what I do.”

When asked what makes a great moment at work, survey respondents from the United States and United Kingdom selected that statement most often. It was ranked the top great moment by 61% of U.S. respondents and 58% from the U.K.

In other countries surveyed—China, France, and Germany—“feeling appreciated” came in a close second to “laughter and humor.”

If you want a great workplace, create great moments. Appreciation is the key ingredient in moments that matter.

61% named recognition as the most important factor to a great workplace 

Appreciation Leads To Engagement

Nearly 9 of 10 survey respondents agreed with the following statement: “People who feel appreciated are more engaged at work.”

Engagement is an “emotional commitment to a company and its goals”, the secret sauce that ties an employee to his or her company. Employees who feel such a commitment are likely to work harder.

Consequently, most employers would love to influence engagement.. As this study shows, praise and recognition might be the pathway to engagement.

The Beverage Connection

A majority of survey respondents—75%—said the availability of coffee and other drinks in the workplace makes them feel valued.

The consumption of workplace beverages helps workers recharge, refresh, and relax. But they also provide an unexpected secondary role, demonstrating that the company cares.

Workplace beverages are a tangible way to show appreciation—every moment of every day.


So what can you take away from the study results? Recognition delivers disproportionate returns.

Appreciation can be extended in many forms—a sincere thank you, a public pat on the back, a lunchtime celebration, and the daily presence of workplace beverages.

Employees consider such gestures to create great moments at work. When employees feel appreciated, they’re more engaged—and engagement is the path to a more productive workforce. So take time today to show your employees your appreciation: the results may surprise you!

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