Productivity is key to a successful business. However, productivity isn’t the only thing that makes a workplace thrive.

As leaders in workplace drink solutions, we are dedicated 100% to understanding what makes the office tick. That’s why we dove deep into the elements that make a business successful, surveying over 3,800 people globally, and over 4,000 workers in North America to explore the interrelationship among productivity, collaboration, engagement, and well-being.

The Productivity Paradox

What we found is that all the elements of a successful workplace are interrelated. However, productivity presented an especially interesting challenge.

Nearly 9 of 10 survey respondents agreed that “collaboration, engagement, and well-being all have a positive impact on workplace productivity.” Sounds reasonable. Any organization that takes pains to improve collaboration, for instance, would certainly hope to see an eventual rise in productivity.

But interestingly, the inverse doesn’t hold true: An increase in productivity alone is unlikely to lead to better collaboration, greater engagement, or a stronger sense of well-being.

The lesson? It’s fine to emphasize productivity, but not to the exclusion of other elements that support workplace culture. Productivity by itself can’t drive collaboration, engagement, or well-being, and in fact too much emphasis on productivity alone could work to the detriment of the other factors.

It’s better to find a balance. And organizations that support engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity equally are most likely to be successful.

The Role of Beverages

How do drinks play into all of this? Survey respondents reported that the availability of beverages has a significantly positive influence on all four elements:

  • Collaboration: 72% agree: “Coffee and other drinks energize and focus people, enabling them to be more effective collaborators at work.”
  • Engagement: 73% agree: “Coffee and other drinks in the workplace boost morale and attitude.”
  • Well-Being: 80% agree: “People are happier when good-tasting coffee and other drinks are available at work.”
  • Productivity: 73% agree: “People are more productive when they have their preferred drinks at work.”

Alignment Matters

Our survey results also showed that while self-rated productivity is high and while people report that they take pride in their work, they also report that they sometimes have difficulty appreciating how their personal productivity contributes to organizational success and how well they add value for their employer.

And these connection points are a big deal, because we also learned that one of the most important factors in employee engagement is people feeling like their work matters and has impact.

So if we want to enhance productivity and engagement, it’s critical for people to understand how their work matters to the whole.

And workplace drinks have a key role to play.

When leaders share a latte along with discussing the vision for the organization, or when groups gather for a coffee chat, these are all powerful opportunities to help people connect their individual efforts to those of the group, the team, and the organization.

Key Takeaways

Losing gains. Increasing productivity without improving engagement or well-being is likely to lead to burnout and turnover. Once that starts happening, any productivity gains could quickly disappear.

Lacking perspective. Increasing productivity without improving collaboration could result in lower efficiency or quality. Work that lacks multiple perspectives is rarely all it could be.

Drinks are a path to productivity. Workplace drinks help colleagues work better together. They improve morale. And they make people happier. Add those three benefits together and you are on the path to higher productivity.

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