A Goal In Every Cup: Lavazza Group Sustainability Manifesto- French

A Goal In Every Cup

Lavazza Group Sustainability Manifesto “A Goal in Every Cup” is a programmatic statement that sets out Group Sustainability strategy, inspired by the deep sense of responsibility that the Company has felt for over 120 years towards the communities in which it operates, and particularly towards coffee growers, employees and consumers.

It is a strategy that forms an increasingly integral part of the business. Based on the principles of the 2030 Agenda, it identifies the four priority sustainability pillars that we need to focus on in coming years: Goal 5 - Gender Equality, Goal 8 - Economic Growth, Goal 12 - Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Goal 13 – Climate Change.

These four SDGs have been chosen to promote a balance between social (8 and 5) and environmental (12 and 13) Goals. They are joined by the Group’s own “Goal Zero”, framed by Lavazza to promote the message of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in all the Company’s business relations.

A Goal In Every Cup
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