2019 Lavazza Sustainability Progress Update

2019 Sustainability Progress Report

2019 is a year we can look back upon with great pride. It is not a year that didn’t come with significant challenges but as an organisation we utilised our greatest assets, our Associates and the collaborative partnerships we have formed, to tackle those challenges head on. The progress that has been made in 2019 is something to be proud of. The choices we made were not easy, quick fixes but challenging new innovations which have longer-term sustainability benefits.

As you will see from this report, we are driving towards achieving our 2020 sustainability goals as set out within our 2016-2020 sustainability strategy. As we draw near to the end of the current timeframe for our existing sustainability strategy, we look forward to playing a major part in supporting the Lavazza Group to achieve its ambitious sustainability commitments for the future. We have an exciting future ahead of us and a real opportunity to truly make a difference.

2019 Sustainability Progress Report
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