September 23, 2020

For a More Hygenic Option, Replace Your Glass Coffee Pot With FLAVIA

For increased hygiene during COVID-19, the CDC and National Coffee Association (NCA) recommend workplaces switch to single-serve drink options. So kick your communal coffee pot to the curb (not literally, you’ll hurt yourself), but don’t give up on breaks! Breaks relieve stress, boost productivity, promote belonging and wellness, and ultimately lead to increased happiness.¹

What’s So Bad About Your Office Coffee Pot?

  1. A glass coffee pot leaves brewed coffee just sitting there in the open air, increasing the opportunity for airborne contaminant exposure.
  2. The coffee pot handle is one of the dirtiest places in the breakroom. A study showed it had 34X more bacteria than a school toilet seat.2
  3. COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC recommend removing high-touch items like coffee pots and replacing them with single-serve items (like FLAVIA).
  4. The NCA recommends you switch from group coffee to ready-to-drink single-serve units and contactless coffee machines.3
FLAVIA vs Glass Pot chart

The Future is FLAVIA

Aside from COVID-19 precautions, there are plenty of additional reasons to replace your glass coffee pot with a FLAVIA brewing system.

  FLAVIA   Glass Pots
  • The ingredients in our Freshpacks are precisely packaged, so you get the same great taste in your cup every time.
  • Taste changes with every brew due to the manual addition of water and coffee.
  • Glass pots sit on hot burners for an indefinite amount of time. Coffee can taste burnt the longer it sits.
  • FLAVIA doesn’t just brew plain coffee. Employees can enjoy lattes, teas, hot chocolates, and espresso too.
  • With FLAVIA C600 + CHILL, your team can brew both hot and cold drinks.
  • FLAVIA offers 15 drink types, including premium brands like LAVAZZA®, STARBUCKS®, and PEET’S®.
  • Two glass pot burners mean quantity and variety constraints.
  • Glass pots can’t craft frothy milk drinks or cold drinks.
  • With our specialized production process, none of our coffee grounds are exposed to oxygen or the open-air—and they remain as fresh as the day they were packed.*
  • Each Freshpack is like its own mini-drink maker, so no drinks sit out waiting to be consumed.

*When consumed by the listed best before date.

  • Many coffee packs aren’t sealed in nitrogen, so contents start going stale long before being brewed.
  • When brewed coffee sits out, oxygen exposure may cause what’s in the pot to lose its fresh taste.
  • FLAVIA brews in about a minute, so there are no long wait times.
  • For every 1 pot of brewed coffee, 5-6 FLAVIA drinks have been served and are being enjoyed.4

Time to ditch the old and bring in the new with FLAVIA. Request a demo today!

1. FLAVIA CP Study, Third Party Study, June 2020
2. the-truth-about-office-germs
3. National Coffee Association Report, June 2020
4. Assumes a typical brew time of 5 minutes.
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