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From robust English Breakfast Tea to smooth, select Green Jasmine, we offer a tea for every taste and occasion. Our delicious Bright Tea Co. flavors were developed in partnership with Steve Smith, the teamaker behind Tazo® and Stash. Together, we’ve created a line of teas that are sure to delight the whole office throughout the day.

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Fresh Drinks You're Sure to Love

Our innovative Freshpacks means every drink is brewed in its own, unique chamber, so you never have to worry about the coffee that was brewed before your tea muddying the flavor. The Flavia stystem delivers a pure, tasty brew every time:

  • Contents brew directly from pack to cup: Drinks won’t taste like the ones brewed before and there’s no risk of cross contamination
  • Exclusively fits our brewers: Only sold for offices, so packs stay at work, not home
  • Can be recycled: Helping you achieve your waste-to-landfill goals
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Office Coffee Machines That Work for You

Our commercial office drink machines provide the convenience and durability you need to make the office café come alive. In addition to tea, each machine delivers delicious coffee, hot chocolate and even specialty drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos. All this at the simple touch of a button.

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