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Mars Drinks has Your Workplace Drink Solution

How to Brew Espresso and Coffee

Whether your office is large or small, MARS DRINKS offers a range of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks that are sure to please everyone. With lattes, pressure brewed espresso, real-leaf teas and fresh-ground coffee, we bring the coffee shop taste and choice to your workplace.

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At MARS DRINKS, we are 100% dedicated to the workplace. Our commercial office coffee machines provide the convenience and durability you need to make the office cafe come alive.

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FLAVIA® Barista 500

40+ Employees

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FLAVIA® Creation 500

25+ Employees

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Mars Drinks has Your Workplace Drink Solution

With a full range of coffe, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and espresso, we have something for every member of the team. We also carry trusted brands like Starubucks, Peet's and Tazo, providing your team with the variety they crave. By empowering people with exceptional options, we help your team become more engaged, energized, and passionate about performing their roles.