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Signature Peet's Flavor

Flavia Creation 500 brewer

Peet’s high-quality coffee blends are available through the Flavia® single-serve office drink system, so you can enjoy cafe-style beverages without leaving the office! We offer three varieties of Peet’s coffee:

  • Peet's Café Domingo
  • Peet's Colombia Luminosa
  • Peet's French Roast

Our Drinks

Fresh Drinks You're Sure to Love

With 22% of employees leaving work daily for coffee, it’s more important than ever to offer café-style drinks for your employees, encouraging people to gather around the brewer to collaborate over a cup without ever having to leave the office.

In addition to our Peet's blends, we offer a full line of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos, all made at the touch of a button. All our drinks come with the Flavia® promise of a perfect brew every time.

  • Contents brew directly from pack to cup: Drinks won’t taste like the ones brewed before and there’s no risk of cross contamination
  • Exclusively fits our brewers: Only sold for offices, so packs stay at work, not home
  • Can be recycled: Helping you achieve your waste-to-landfill goals
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Our Brewers

Coffee Shop Flavor Without the Hassle

Whether you’re at a corner coffee shop or in the break room at the office, you want your Peet’s coffee to have the same delicious taste you love – every time.

That’s where our Flavia® brewers come in. Unlike other single-serve office coffee machines, our machines are designed so brewing takes place right inside our Freshpack and the Freshpack’s unique nozzle regulates how water is sprayed over the coffee during the brewing process.

This advanced technology is part of what provides the simple pleasure of a well-brewed cup – consistently recreating the familiar coffee shop taste that people love.

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FLAVIA® Barista 500

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FLAVIA Creation® 500

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