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Enjoy Authentic Espresso in Your Office

The Flavia® Barista is the only single serve drink machine capable of brewing authentic, delicious espresso at the touch of a button.

Quality and Tradition in Every Cup

FLAVIA® Barista By Mars Drinks

Nothing captures the spirit of the coffee house like authentic espresso. Brewed at high pressure to produce a full-bodied, rich Italian espresso with the perfect crema, our Flavia Barista brewer is the only single serve machine on the market to offer this cafe experience in the office. Paired with one of our delicious espresso Freshpacks, you’ll be treated to an experience like none other.

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Lattes and Cappuccinos in Seconds

Our delicious espresso unlocks a world of new drink combinations and flavors. Pair it with our Real Milk Froth for lattes and cappuccinos that are brewed in seconds, or combine espresso with DOVE hot chocolate for an indulgent caffè mocha.

We also offer a full range of coffee, tea and hot chocolate that is sure to please everyone in the office. From trusted brands like Starbucks® and Peet’s® to our very own Alterra brand, your team can enjoy their favorites without having to leave the office.

Each drink is individually sealed for freshness using our Freshpack technology. Unlike bean-to-cup machines that allow light and air to degrade the quality of the coffee, our coffee is as fresh as the day it was ground.

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A Barista for the Office

The Flavia Barista is the only single serve office brewer capable of making authentic, pressure-brewed espresso at a single touch. It’s a machine that will work for you, built to last from the inside out and capable of brewing everything from coffee to tea to lattes and everything in between. We offer the best in value and reliability, while delivering on taste every time.

  • No Lines: Drinks ready in under 1 minute
  • Practically No Breakdowns: About 1.5 years on average between service calls
  • No Disruptions: Quiet brewing made just for office environments
  • Exceptional Taste: Patented brewing technology delivers superb flavor extraction
  • Easy to Use: Drinks fully brewed with a few on-screen selections

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FLAVIA® Barista 500

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FLAVIA Creation® 500

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