Don't just take our word for it. Try Mars Drinks for yourself in your office. Request your FREE DEMO today and unleash your inner barista.
Office must have at least 50 employees to qualify for a free trial. (Mars Drinks will determine if your office qualifies for a free trial and the length of trial.) This offer is also dependent upon availability of the Mars Drinks products in your area and is available for new customers only.

The Mars drinks Difference

You have options when it comes to office coffee service. At Mars Drinks we believe that office coffee should be a pleasure, both to manage and to drink. That's why our brewers are designed to be hassle-free: easy to clean, easy to maintain and built to last two years between service calls. We accomplish all this without compromising on taste. Our Freshpack technology allows us to craft drinks that taste pure, fresh and without the muddled flavors other brew systems produce. Cheers to better office coffee!

How Does the Tasting Work?

  1. Decide that you and your team deserve better office coffee!
  2. Fill in the Mars Drinks demo form: One of our office drink specialists will call to discuss your office coffee needs.
  3. Schedule your tasting: We will schedule a demonstration of our machines and drinks, right in your office.
  4. Taste the difference: From our classic Alterra drinks to favorites like Starbucks and Peet's, you will get to try them all, absolutely free.

More than just office coffee

Hassle Free

Built to last two years between service calls, our machines work for you. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, these brewers go the distance.

Pure Taste

Trust that we will deliver a pure brew every time, without the flavor of the drink made before yours sneaking into your cup. Our Freshpack technology allows us to deliver the perfect cup of coffee or tea every single time.

Something for Everyone

From our own Alterra blends to trusted brands like Starbucks and Peet’s, we have a drink for everyone in the office. Craft lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, coffee and tea, all at the push of a button.