When the conference room is buzzing, our Flavia® drink system helps you stay in the zone. We save you a trip to the coffee shop with taste and choice right in the office.

Your personal barista...

Our innovation team knows that sometimes exceptional work happens in small spaces. That's why we designed brewers specifically for smaller offices:

Though small in size, these brewers are big on flavor and can make coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccinos and lattes, all at the push of a button. With a full range of drink options, there is something to suit everyone in the office.

...and supply manager

Our compact brewer design make the Flavia Creation 200 or Flavia Creation 150 the perfect solution for areas where space is limited, and the easy-to-fill water tank makes brewing a breeze.

Our coffee makers are also easy to maintain and clean. Compared to other single-serve machines, our brewers require less servicing, with an average of two years between service calls.*

*Moving Annual Average calculated P13 2015 across all UK Single Serve Brewers

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