We know that a good cup of coffee goes a long way in making customers feel welcome. Our coffee machines offer warm beverages in client lounges, hotel lobbies, fitness centers, and car sales rooms.

Customer appreciation

Customers know that when you invest in quality coffee, you invest in them. We have a range of high quality beverages including mochas, lattes, fresh-ground coffees, and real-leaf teas. Your customers deserve great taste and choice.

Fast and easy to use

With the Flavia® brewer your customers will linger, but not because of slow machines. Our coffee makers are fast and easy to use so anyone can work them. While they’re waiting for their car to be finished, or their oil to be changed, or a friend to finish their workout, your customers will relax with a warm cup of coffee.

Hassle-free upkeep

You shouldn’t have to spend time troubleshooting a beverage machines. Compared to other single-serve machines, our coffee makers require less servicing, with an average of two years between service calls.* Not to mention, simple maintenance and quick cleanup, you’ll get greater efficiency and less downtime with our reliable machines.

*Moving Annual Average calculated P13 2015 across all UK Single Serve Brewers

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