High grade coffees – faculty and student approved

We deliver the high-end drinks that students and professors want, with a sustainable approach.

The café experience

We seek out unique, niche farms around the world to deliver the sophisticated taste and choice students expect. Our single-origin coffees, specialty beverages, and herbal teas turn the student lounge into a café.

Commitment to sustainability

We’re focused on minimizing drink waste. Our more sustainable fresh packs can be recycled, reducing their carbon footprint. Plus, 100% of our owned brand coffees and black tea products are sourced from third party certified farms, so they meet our environmental standards from ground to ground.

Bringing people together

The Flavia® system provides a single solution that fits any higher education environment from recreational areas to teacher lounges to study spaces. Also, with fresh packs that reduce pilferage, our coffee machines help create the ideal setting for collaboration and productivity.