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Concerned About COVID-19 at Work? FLAVIA Can Give You Some Peace of Mind 

FLAVIA was designed to be one of the most hygienic beverage systems. So during this uncertain time, give your team the comfort of still enjoying their favorite workplace drinks.

Protecting People from Pack to Cup

From the stringent steps we take when making our Freshpacks to the thoughtful design of our FLAVIA brewers, you can feel confident enjoying your favorite FLAVIA beverages.

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Hands-Off Production
None of our drink ingredients are ever touched by our manufacturing team.

Coffee, Made Safe
With our specialized production process, none of our coffees are exposed to oxygen or the open-air—which protects from airborne germs.

Germs Stay Out, Freshness Stays In
Our Freshpacks stay sealed until the moment they’re brewed—so there’s no exposure to air and germs—and they remain as fresh as the day they were packed.1

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Brewing Your Drinks

Low-Contact Brewing
There’s not much you need to touch on FLAVIA brewers. After just a few taps, your drink is ready to go.
After a fine needle (inside the FLAVIA brewer) pierces the Freshpack nozzle, hot water is the only thing that touches our ingredients.

Bonus: there’s no flavor transfer from someone else’s drink.

Avoid a Breakroom Backup
Avoid lines in the breakroom because FLAVIA drinks brew in under a minute.

Looking to restart your brewer after some time away? Check out our restart guide or watch our video tutorial.

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Keeping It Clean

Fewer Parts, Fewer Problems
With an average time of 155 weeks between service calls2, our brewers require less maintenance, which keeps germs out of our self-contained machines.

Coronavirus Disinfection
The streamlined exterior of FLAVIA brewers can be easily cleaned and cared for—which is more important than ever because the coronavirus lives on surfaces.

For detailed cleaning instructions for your brewer, please refer to your brewer’s User Guide.


Download our free printable poster for additional tips and information

See How FLAVIA Compares to the Alternatives

There are plenty of systems that make workplace drinks, but not all are as sealed, self-contained, and hygiene-focused as FLAVIA.

K-Cup Compatible

  • K-Cup machines use the same funnel to hold every K-Cup. So contaminants on the K-Cup may transfer to the funnel and can end up in drinks.
  • Every time you insert a K-Cup, the funnel is exposed to air—upping the risk of airborne germ exposure.


  • Unlike our sealed Freshpacks, the bean and powder hoppers aren’t air-tight—so ingredients are at risk for contamination.
  • Bean-to-cup machines need frequent servicing, increasing the risk of germ exposure each time the machine is opened.


  • The lack of packaging and porous mesh on coffee pods leaves a lot of holes in ingredient protection—from contaminated air exposure to the transfer of germs from hands.

Glass Coffee Pots

  • This old stand-by leaves brewed coffee just sitting there in the open air, waiting to be contaminated.
  • Not to mention, the coffee pot handle is one of the dirtiest places in the breakroom, with 34X more bacteria than a school toilet seat3.

Excited to help your team feel a little sense of normalcy? We are too. Get a demo to see more of what FLAVIA can brew.

1. When consumed by the listed expiration date.
2. FLAVIA C500 2018 data from the UK, where we service machines directly.
We have not measured the amount of germ transfer nor any specific type of germ and this data should not be used to indicate likelihood of any illness.

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